Gold Ball Bubble gums

Ahh…Golf Balls. Britain and Ireland’s favourite gum ball for over 50 years. Those white dimples have provided generations of gum lovers with a wonderful minty pleasure that holds a special place in confectionery history. Give one to a forty year old man and ask him to close his eyes. He will instantly be transported back in time. “Standing outside a local sweet shop, the tar on the road melting in the summer heat of 1977”. In goes a penny Golf Ball and wow the feeling of minty heaven spreads into every corner of his mouth. I want to see what a liquid filled Golf Ball would taste like. Will you make history in the summer of 2017?


Ingredients: dextrose, sucrose, gum base, glucose syrup, flavourings, colour e171, glazing agents (carnauba wax, shellac, antioxidant)

Golf Ball Bubble Gums