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A ultra hydrophobic vehicle protection sealant with an impressive durability of 3-4 months from a single application when maintained with a ph neutral shampoo such as Supercharged or Cherry Bomb.

With a simple spray and rinse application, Fusion will leave your vehicle beading and sheeting like no other. Fusion is also suitable for use on other exterior finishes, alloy wheels, Glass and trims.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick Application
  • Fantastic Durability
  • Multiple Application Methods

How To Use:
Once the wash routine is complete and the surface is contaminate free spray the product liberally onto the wet surface. work a panel at a time and allow a few seconds for the product to fuse before thoroughly pressure rinsing off and drying with our H2Zero Drying Towel.

Do not apply in direct heat or allow to dry. If used on glass pressure rinse away immediately  

Detailers Tip:

Fusion can also be applied with a spray and buff style application for superior durability.


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