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Voodoo 2.0 (Trigger Included)

Just when you think it couldn't get any better.....Voodoo reborn!

Voodoo 2.0 - A Hybrid detailer providing both a stunningly glossy finish and a super durable protective finish that lasts like no other!

The protective barrier laid down by Voodoo 2.0 creates a hard-wearing shield against daily road grime and contaminates.

Alongside the protective elements of Voodoo 2.0, an incredible dripping wet gloss finish is easily achieved.

Features and Benefits:

  •  Hybrid Capabilities
  • Highly Durable Finish
  • Dripping Wet Gloss

How To Use

How to use Voodoo 2.0, don't worry no drums or dancing involved here!

Spritz Voodoo 2.0 onto the desired paint surface, with the aid of a EZ Korean Buffing cloth spread the product over the panel, allow a short time for the product to cure before flipping the cloth to reveal a clean side and buff off for a stunning glossy finish that must be seen to be believed!

Additional protection can be achieved by layering the product.

For best results ensure the vehicles surface is clean and contaminate free.

Detailers Tip:

Voodoo 2.0 is also suitable for wheel surfaces including polished and chrome finishes.


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