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EZ Car Care TRANSPARENT BUCKETS 16.5 Litre Buckets

Look good washing your car in style with the NEW EZ Branded Transparent Buckets. Made with a transparent gloss finish and coming with a EZ Branded Transparent Wash/Rinse Sticker on the front. The EZ Detailers bucket can hold 16.5 litres which is more than enough for every wash of any car big or small.

Fill one bucket with fresh water – this is your rinsing bucket. Fill a second bucket about 3/4 full with water then add Ember car shampoo and Stir Well. Add enough car shampoo to make the mixture feel slick to the touch. Always best to start at the top of the car and work downwards.

Grit Guards

The grit guards from EZ Car Care provide a barrier and traps partials & contaminants to ensure a safe wash. The unique design removes contamination from the bucket whilst the baffles calm water to prevent recirculation.

The main aim is to create a safe swirl & scratch free wash. The correct wash media including grit guard and a wash mitt this is easily achievable. This is a must have for any detailer or enthusiast.

Grit Guard Size: 10.5" Diamiter

*All Bottles are 500ml


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