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About Aurora

Aurora is a revolutionary fallout remover, not only focussed on removing iron, but other harsh metals also.

Just like an ordinary fallout remover, Aurora will turn purple upon contact with iron contaminants but in addition to this, Aurora will turn green whilst it is reacting with other heavy metal contaminants such as lead.

Aurora is safe to use on paintwork and glass as well as wheels.

Features and Benefits:

• Fast Reacting Formula

• Safe On All Surfaces

• Reacts purple upon contact with iron

• Reacts green upon contact other harsh metals

How To Use:

Simply spray Aurora onto the contaminated surface and wait around 1-5 minutes for the reaction to take place.

The reaction time will vary depending on the amount of contaminants located on the surface. If the surface is contaminated with iron you will see a purple reaction take place.

If other harsh metals are present, the reaction will be green. After the reaction has taken place, pressure rinse away Aurora making sure nothing is left on the surface.

Do not allow Aurora to dry on paintwork or wheels.


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